“Antivirus Pro” is fake virus protection

How Did “Antivirus Pro 201x” Infect My PC?

There's actually a number of ways this annoying/dangerous little bugger got on to your PC, but the most common, is from downloading & sharing music from torrent related websites, or visiting other sites that ask you to install javascripts to watch certain videos etc. Plainly put, Spyware creators are smart and its a hard job to defend yourself at all times, when you don't even know where to start.

Antivirus Pro is a fake antivirus program (rogue antispyware software). Antivirus Pro 201x uses system warnings and alerts, pop-ups, false scan results in order to trick you into buying the software. The scareware does not offer any protection to computer!

Once Antivirus Pro 201x installed, it will automatically start every time Windows is started. Once running, Antivirus Pro 201x will scan your computer and display false scan results that state the PC is infected with a lot of Trojans and viruses. All these scan results are fake! These infections do not exist on your computer, so you can safely ignore them.


When Antivirus Pro 201x is running your PC will show fake security alerts from Windows taskbar and nag screens. Some of the alerts:

Trojan detected!
A piece of malicious code was found in your system which can replicate itself if no action taken. Click here to have your system cleaned by Antivirus Pro 201x.

Privacy alert!
Your system was found to be infected with intercepting programs. These can log your activity and damage your privacy. Click here for Antivirus Pro 201x spyware removal. Also the program will display fake Windows
Security Center that will recommend you use Antivirus Pro 201x.

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