Windows 11, don’t trust it…

Windows 11 is out but I would still use Windows 10 as long as possible (even windows 7). Like 10, it is full of advertising and teaser software that are on the verge of being Malware!  11 can’t be setup or installed without an Internet connection now. You MUST have a Microsoft account so MS can spy on you and track your movements. Every technology and “social media” corporation is trying to control what you see and sell, sell, sell… Microsoft is no longer the safe platform that Windows XP and 7 were. But hey! Windows is FREE, so there is no expectation of privacy or honesty. This is the dystopian future where “big brother” and the corporations control everything.

I suggest you create a brand-new Outlook email address when setting up 11 and fill it was bogus info about yourself.

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