Telemarketing calls could be Eliminated!

Do you get a 100 telemarketing call per day?  Does your Caller-ID show a local phone number, but the caller is foreign? This is called “Spoofing” and it can be stopped by your network provider. They have little interest in correcting this problem because it will cost money.

The Federal Government could protect us all from Telemarketers, spam, and spoofing by enacting laws to direct providers to filter and correct these issues. China filters and protects their citizens from the World Wide Web threats (and Google, lol); the technology is there to protect us too. Congress is simply too focused on By-partisan fighting to allow time for real governing.

I would say call your Congressman, but the national media networks now determine public opinion.  So, go to social media and your local news channels to influence public opinion and thus pressure Congress to make changes.

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