Remote control of your computer

Phone Scam via remote login to your PC

If anyone calls you on the phone and claims there from Microsoft or McAfee or Nortons (etc)… Well their not! Scammers and telemarketers use the legitimate company names to gain your trust. Believe me when I say no company has the money to employ hundreds (100s) of operators to help random customers over the phone. If anyone calls YOU on the phone, it is for their benefit not yours. If any phone call gets to a point there the CALLER wants to login to YOUR computer, DON'T DO IT!


Example: Lets say you forgot your Email password for YAHOO, AOL, Gmail, MSN, HOTMAIL, or any other FREE Email account. You find a phone number on the internet that claims to be customer support for one of these free subscribers, and you call it. The person that answers the phone may have a foreign acsent (first sign of a scam) but aggrees to help you if they can login to your computer.

  1. NO password reset requires remote access to your computer! Legitimate companies like ATT, TWC, Comcast, Frontier, Verizon, Bell South will never need access to your PC. If they do; you have called a wrong number and are being spoofed.
  2. Free Email accounts do not come with Customer Support! Think for a second; who is paying these people if the service is free.
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