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Yelp is a Scam

Yelp business reviews are massaged by their so called "fraud detection algorithm". A business is black-mailed into paying Yelp for good reviews. The "algorithm" simply does not let good reviews get posted until you pay Yelp for them. Many companies

Popular Phone & Email Scams

Information you need to protect yourself from being a victim of the latest scam tactics:    Advance fee scams – Don't fall for claims that you have won a lottery, prize, or can invest in a great opportunity, if you have to pay

Anti Adware miss most Malware

Anti Adware Solutions miss most disruptive Malware By Brian Livingston Now that 80% of home PCs in the U.S. are infected with Adware and Spy-ware, according to one study; it turns out that nearly every anti-Adware application on the market

What are Superfish?

Superfish and its certificate may be on PC What are Superfish and why are they so dangerous? Superfish is a piece of software that PC Retailers admitted to pre-installing on many of its laptops and PCs to "enhance the shopping experience"

Remote control of your computer

Phone Scam via remote login to your PC If anyone calls you on the phone and claims there from Microsoft or McAfee or Nortons (etc)… Well their not! Scammers and telemarketers use the legitimate company names to gain your trust.

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